Help needed ASAP or sooner


Aug 16, 2014
Hey y'all. the spindle start switch on my Grizzly 4003 just took a major dump. It is obsolete from Grizzly (go figure)

I need the lathe NOW. The switch(es) that are in it are a real joke. Worse designed pieces of crap if I ever saw .
Ok, so here is the wiring diagram for the switches.

It is located on the lowest shaft on the front of the lathe under the carriage feed shaft, left hand end. My lathe is 20 years old next year. The switch has changed 2 more times since the lathe was new in 1999. lathe.jpg

The newest type of switch they use is a simple wheel'd limit switch (pair joined together, same switch, just turned over 180º)
The wires haven't ever changed, only the type of switch. I need to hot-wire the lathe until I can get a real drum switch . So y'all electrical folks give a brother a hand here. Which wires will I need to join together with a common toggle switch to make the lathe motor turn on? I don't need the chunk to run in the reverse direction for the time being, just for the chuck to turn when I throw the switch. If I have to hand start the chuck, that's fine too. had to do that a few times anyway. when the start cap blows


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Feb 17, 2013
Assumption #1: The switch operator (#948) activates one or the other microswitch (#919V2) at a time. In "neutral," both microswitches are in the un-activated state (ie, NC connected to C, NO unconnected).

Assumption #2: You know which of the microswitches is bad.

If that's the case, you can get an SPDT switch and replace the bad microswitch. Connect the center terminal to the wire that originally went to C on the microswitch, the outside terminals to the wires originally attached to NC and NO. Tape the heck out of the switch terminals and wiring. Then, with the lathe in as safe a condition as possible for an unexpected start, apply power. If the lathe immediately turns on, flip the switch. Then label the switch positions for "on" and "off" as appropriate.
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