Help with removing Bearings, 6" Rockwell Belt Sander

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Has anyone removed/replaced the bearings in the upper roller/drum?
There are 2 lock nuts on both ends and a notched not looks like a pre-load bearing adjustment nut.
All removed, but the shaft is rock solid.
Which way to press out?
Thank you! IMG_1061[1].JPG


It looks like the shaft need to be pushed ''down'' through the bearing in the picture orientation, then the bearing gets pressed ''up'' to remove
Factory bearings can sometimes be glued in place, manufactures use loctite when installing bearings and can be a pain to remove, try little heat on the old bearing if there is no plastic parts to melt
Like Jim said you’d hold the casting and press the shaft down. Orientated just like picture. Then you’d flip casting and press bearing out.
To install press bearing closest to drum in housing first. Then press drum shaft through that bearing. Then press other bearing.
If there is a spacer between bearings most likely theirs no preload just tight. If no spacer then your gonna be dealing with preloading the bearing. Which I would think theirs a spacer?? Good luck
Vintage machinery site has a good write up on what you're doing.they have several precautions on how not to press on certain parts.
Got it done.
Found what not to do.
The drums were really stuck to the shaft.
There is a stop on one end, so the bearings had a definite press on/off procedure.
The bearings are shielded 6202Z ND.
Do you think they are the originals?


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