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Help with universal tool and cutter grinder instructions

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Active Member
Active Member
Mar 12, 2018
I recently purchased a new import tool and cutter grinder. I've gone threw disassembled everything cleaned,stoned,lubed and reassembled. Grinder seems very capable by the uniformative picture instruction paper. Which shows the different cutters it will grind. My problem is I have no experience in tool grinding. Pictures work when ordering food in a foreign restaurant but not for instruction on the setup of a tool for grinding!
Some of my questions are is their a manual out there that teaches the basics on up with tool grinding?
How to zero say a 2 flute end mill so the cutting edges are horizontal and indexed correctly with collet so when you flip 180 it's correct?
Thinking its the alignment of the tool to the machine is my biggest?
I really need to find or make a air spindle for doing flutes on endmills any tips or info would be appreciated!
As for accessories I have two tailstock type matching centers, a articulating spindexer with a mt4 taper. Two arbored 3jaw chucks ID and OD. Multiple centers carbide and hss along with a drive type center I think? I have a bunch of different wheels aluminum oxide, silicon carbide,diamond straight cupped. I need to make a fixture for doing lathe bits square or round but shouldn't be a problem.
So if you have any instructions, tips, tricks, tooling you wanna part with please I'd love to hear. Here's some pics of what I've got. image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg


Active User
Active Member
Mar 19, 2014
Yours is very much like a Cutter Master. So, maybe finding a Cutter Master manual can be helpful?...Dave


H-M Supporter - Sustaining Member
H-M Supporter - Sustaining Member
Oct 14, 2014
rename the attached file to extension of .mht (web archive file format)

Its a discussion of grinding the side of endmill flutes


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