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Helping a friend with Parkinsons

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Cactus Farmer

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Sep 24, 2013
An old friend has parkinson's disease and can no longer do his work. He makes pipe testing tools,(pressure testing) and he has asked me to do the work for him. I will have to step up to a lathe that has a 2.5" spindle hole and swing at least 17". My Bridgeport is all that is needed to do the mill work. His mind is fine, it's his body just won't do what he wants it to do. I'm suspecting I will inherit this work as he declines. He gets around in a wheel chair or his electric scooter so he can visit the shop and see what 's happening. Any ideas and warning y'all have for me? I do some work that isn't gunsmith related for local folks and even some for the big shops who can't do little stuff I can do so easily.

Ulma Doctor

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Feb 2, 2013
sorry to hear about your friend's condition Cactus farmer,
but on the sunny side, it sounds like an opportunity to excel in something different to me!
i wish you the very best of luck!
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