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History Of The Atlas Molo And Version Selection Chart

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Dec 25, 2011
In the Atlas/Craftsman/AA Category in Downloads, under Atlas Manual Of Lathe Operations, you will find a brief history of the Atlas Manual of Lathe Operation and Machinists Tables, with details of the changes from Version 0 through Version 9. Also, there is a MOLO version selection chart cross-referenced by Version Number to lathe model number. Note that the version numbers that I used in the two documents were made up by me in order to save time while writing them. They are not something that would mean anything to for example an eBay seller.

Downloads is now back up, and all of the Atlas and Atlas/Craftsman (and Craftsman/AA) manuals that were available on the old site are once again available. Access to Downloads should be open to all members classified as Registered and above. So I am deleting the versions that were attached to this post.

Robert D.
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