Hlv-h Non Running Project. Part1 Clean Up And Tooling


Apr 16, 2016
I purchased a $2500 non running 1977 HLV-H w/tooling. After 4 years of searching and looking, finally found the right one. Here are some pictures of before and after. This took 2 months of clean up. April & May 2016. Before I could even start trouble shooting to get it running.

Hardinge HLV-H A.JPG

Hardinge HLV-H B.JPG

1 Hardinge HLV-H as purchased.JPG

hardinge HLV-H clean up 019.JPG
Varnish, metal dust and dirt was very thick on the lathe, cleaned most off before thinking of pictures.

Hardinge HLV-H tooling 004.JPG
Lots of tooling

Hardinge HLV-H tooling 005.JPG

hardinge HLV-H C.JPG
flaking was a surprise.

Hardinge HLV-H Clean.JPG
Finally; It's clean enough to start Trouble Shooting and Researching Electrical. If you are interested in this introduction part 1, Hit the like so I know,

I would like share this learning process from a non running HLV-H.
Thinking of a extra post for Electrical Requirements.

Please Note; I will not have ALL the answers. Just the ones I fixed on this machine. This project still requires self study, research and reading Machinist forums.
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Apr 16, 2016
Electrical Requirements

Needs 3 phase power to run. I have a 220 volt single phase line in the garage.
Hardinge Electrical Serial # locations 001.JPG

First; I needed to understand what 3 phase power was all about so I watched U-tube on 3 phase link below
This gave me a general understanding.

Question - How do I get this to run? The internet is full of ideas. The options I looked at.
1)Change the motor to single phase - Not a good choice and lot of modification to the lathe. I wanted to keep it stock.
2) VFD Repower - Needed to rewire control cabinet. To run Spindle motor, Coolant motor, Speed control motor, and Carriage feed motor. beyond my 3 phase skill set.
3) Build a Rotary Phase Converter. (RPC). - listed as EASY on the web - Nope beyond my electrical skill set
4) buy used RPC from C/L - Never found a newer complete working unit.
5) Static phase converter - unsure about it.
6) Purchased a new American Rotary series ADX 10 HP 220 single phase input and 230 volt 3 phase output.
Lesson learned - 10 Hp is over kill for 1.5 HP lathe and future 2 HP milling machine. I only needed a ADX 5 HP unit that would have saved $600 bucks. The good thing is I have clean 3 Phase power to the lathe and worry free.

While waiting for the delivery I was learning about How to test 3 phase motors. I used this link for understanding the process

The motor tested good. And was cleaned
hardinge HLV-H clean up 017.JPG

Removed the "custom" 110 volt outlet from one power leg.
Electric 021 (1).JPG

Loose terminals and improper connections. Like a one single wire " One strand of wire" connection on the 3rd leg before the disconnect. Fixed it all. "so I thought"
Hardinge Electrical Serial # locations 002.JPG

THE BIG DAY - RPC showed up. hooked it up. Plugged in the lathe and NOTHING I MEAN NOTHING NOT EVEN A CLICK. The only thing running was the New ADX RPC and that was quite.

Called Hardinge for a wire diagram KLA 8220 - NO LONGER SUPPORTED.
In June I had a Clean non running HLV-H and a new Oversized Running RPC.
Next post, HLV-H Non Running Project - Part 2 Electrical Trouble shooting./ What was found.
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Feb 8, 2014
Looking forward to Part 2 :)
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