Hlv-h Nonrunning Project. Part 3 - Snap Crackle Pop & Smoke.

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Apr 16, 2016
Problem Power feed will not work.
Found The Power feed fuse Blown.
Hardinge Electrical Lables.jpg

Replace fuse, activated Power feed - Fuse Popped and Smoke from the Power feed motor. :eek:

Fixing the Power Feed Motor. Started with this video.

Commutator needed turning, Brushes worn badly. Bearings need replaced, Cracked and missing wire insulation. Burn marks on housing from shorted wire with missing insulation.
Filed the brushes flat.
Turned the Commutator
Cut the Mica, back below the cooper surface. By turning the tool 90 degrees and advancing the carriage for each segment.
Installed wire shrink wrap to hold the old wire insulation in place on the field winding leads.

1st use of HLV-H - Turning the Power Feed Commutator

Try it again
Replaced Fuse, the Power Feed ran, but NOT adjustable (at least the motor did not short out again. fixed)

Trouble Shooting the Potted Rheostat
Could not make any since of it. - Someone FIXED it before.
El 021 (10).JPG

Ripped out the old potted Rheostat and replaced it with a New $60.00 IRONHORSE Model GSD#-240-2CL / DC Drive Made in the USA
hardinge with Iron Horse DC Drive 005.JPG

The DC board was very easy to wire. Followed the instructions for a shunt motor. Very easy
hardinge with Iron Horse DC Drive 003.JPG

I had to study the different Allen Bradley Contact Blocks - To wire in the AB Switch. I kept the original AB Cam and replaced the contact blocks so I could understand the system.

Wiring diagram 002.JPG

hardinge with Iron Horse DC Drive 011.JPG

Switch Wire diagram Left/ stop/ Right

Wiring diagram 005.JPG
Used AB 800XA series D contactor blocks
Left - all "A" terminals are closed. "B" is open
Stop - all "A" and "B" terminals are open.
Right- all "B" terminals are closed. "A" is open

Note the Top Contactor blocks "B" White and green wires are reversed - For motor right feed


hardinge with Iron Horse DC Drive 014.JPG

Hardinge makes a New Replacement KIT# CK0009582K see picture. $4100. (New Control box wiring and a Very small New Motor)
New Hardinge controller.jpg

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