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Home Made CNC Plasma Cutter Table, back from the dead!

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Staff member
Jun 17, 2012
This is a CNC plasma cutting machine that I designed and built several years ago. I hadn't used it much ever since I moved to my new shop here in Tennessee. I finally resurrected it today. I have a build log on the forum here somewhere from some time around 2012. I'll see if I can dig it up and link it to this post and vice versa.



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Sep 2, 2013
Nice job on the table. Glad you finally got to see it work. I just treated myself to a Hobart 40i machine. After 50 yrs of using an OA torch it's a revelation. I looked hard at the Hypertherm, but just couldn't get past the price. Thanks for all the info. I can see a CNC table in my future. Cheers, Mike
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