How do you ask your wife to leave?

Do I ask her?

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Feb 8, 2014
I guess you could do what I did, just go buy another piece of property with a shop already on it and tell her about it after the deal was done. ;)

I guess I should note here that it was not unusual for me to buy or sell property without any discussion. Just a normal part of me doing business. I think in a normal family situation this might not be a good thing.


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Jun 26, 2018
The question might be for fun but it's a serious question. If there was something really important to her wouldn't you want to know about it and discuss it with her?

Certainly this isn't the place for making decisions that should be made with one's spouse, but it actually is a good place to find out how others have dealt with similar questions. The older I get the more I wish I had learned from the experience of others more than my own....

What we (everyone in the whole world) is going through now with COVID-19 will end up having a deep impact on how we see ourselves, our communities and the larger world around us. Now is a great time to sit down with the people we love and have real discussions about what is important in life and how we can support each other.

I honestly believe you would be doing a disservice to your marriage by not discussing it with your wife.

Sorry to be so serious about this but it clearly means a lot to you and there really is no better time to discuss these things than right now when everyone's plans are in flux.

John, this isn't an appropriate conversation to have with my wife. She is just under 2 months out of cancer treatment. Honestly, this was cathartic to have this convo here. The only answer will be on our "final stage" home, having what I need...she won't stand in my way, not worried about it. I appreciate you guys bending an ear to kind of vent. I'm sure other will be or currently are in the same situation....
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