How's about tipping some of your favorite machinery/tooling sites to us newbs!?


Aug 20, 2018
Ok, so I buy a lot on ebay, some on shars, some grizzly, and a little mcmaster carr...

But, what about those "hard to find" items, for my SB 9a? I know there has to be somewhere else besides ebay, to find used or NOS.

You guys wanna share some of your favorite "secret fishing holes" with some of us noobs?

And it doesnt have to be specific to SB 9a, or even lathes. I love finding new project items, for just about any tools.

I think this could be a fun, and informative thread, let's see what you've all got!


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Apr 30, 2012
Craigslist. You might find a complete parts machine for what you'd pay for one part elsewhere


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Mar 29, 2017
For technique, not parts-
Joe Pieczynski- my personal favorite. Stunning problem solving skills, delivered with a style that makes you feel good about YOUR skills.
This Old Tony- great content, useful tech info, but I go for the incredible wit, humor, and entertainment value.
Shop Floor Talk- website with a greatly talented group with very diverse skills. A site with a fantastic archive of tips, tricks and useful info about all things related to this hobby/lifestyle/occupation.
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