I Need Ideas-New Electric Motor-Different Shaft for Pulley Mount

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I purchased a replacement motor from Graingers for my band saw refurbish.
1947 Delta 14" band saw gets a new power plant.
The old motor has a 1/2" shaft with a flat for the allen bolt to mount.
The new motor has a 5/8" shaft with a key way.
Should I bore out the pulley?
Can I buy one that fits?
What would you do?
Thank you for your help.





Unless it's a totally oddball size I think I'd just get a new pulley. Sure you could enlarge the hole in existing one, but that still won't give you a key way in the pulley to match the key way in the new motor shaft. You'd either have to cut a key way, make a half-depth key, or continue to use the set screw by itself. Seems a lot of compromises when a new pulley isn't that expensive. Just my thinking.

I would bore and single point broach it with a boring bar. I know that I could have it done in less time that what it would take to get to the hardware store. Besides that, it would probably be truer than a store bought pulley.
Mr. Derek, I bow to your confidence. A single point broach is a new term to me.
I’ll see what I can find on that subject.
I agree the quality of my 70 year old pulley can not be duplicated today.
I would go to Grainger and turn it in for one that will fit the way you need it to. They are good about taking in returns...
I just spent some time looking for a general purpose 56 frame for belt driven machinery etc. it seems 5/8 is now the standard. 1/2” is kind of puny.
Simple solution would be, find a pulley or call Grainger and ask for help sourcing the right motor.
Hmmm, I have to go to the big city of Chico today, maybe I can find a pulley.
These fractional hp pulleys must be pretty standard.
McMaster Carr or Grainger should have the correct pulley. Boring out the old one and broaching the keyway sounds like more fun!
I would just buy a new cast iron pulley. If it was a step pulley like they used on the wood/metal saw I might consider boring it out because Delta used unique spacing and step sizes. They new cast iron pulleys that I have purchased from "Surplus Center" are pretty good. In sizes like that they are less that $10 (plus shipping). Below is a link for a 2" (when used with 1/2" belt) but they have other sizes.

Hi Guys,

It might be worth checking that the new motor has a straight shaft ! I've just returned a motor with a 20 mm diameter shaft because it was bent.
A fraction over 5 thou runout on the end. Best bit there wasn't any center in either end of the motor shaft. It looked as if the ends had been machined off.
The table is going back together. I have the table on 180 out in the pic.
It is going on Craigslist next week.
Had the same problem I did not want to drill out the pully ,plus the shaft on the motor was a little too short.........went to the lathe made a "extension for the shaft" 1/2 inch female with grub screw to secure it to the small shaft, 5/8 shaft on the other end [milled a flat spot for the pully screw] and made it long enough to level the belts between pulls........simple fix works great!
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