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Indexing Quill Handle For My King PDM30 (RF31 style) Mill

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Active User
H-M Supporter-Premium Member
Jan 1, 2014
Have wanted to change the quill handle on my King PDM30 mill for some time. With the head full down the handles sometimes get in the way and I find myself taking out one or two of them to get sufficient operating clearance. Enough times to be annoying.

It looked possible to make a copy of the indexing handle used on most of the big mills. It also looked like I could keep the clutch side and keyway of the original hub and Just bolt the new parts on. So I made all the parts first to make sure things would work together. Just used mild steel except for the AL spoke and PVC for the 2" knob. Used a 1/4" ball bearing and spring for the detent and the end of a 1/4" HSS drill for the indexing pin. Couldn't really see the extent of the cavities inside the old hub until I cut it apart, but found room for six 10-24 FSHCS on the old handle webs to hold the indexing flange on. There is also enough of the quill shaft sticking out of the modified clutch hub for the new 12 position indexing flange to locate on (bonus).

Really pleased with this mod and it is very easy to change handle position. The 2" knob is a nice palm size and lets one go full circle without feeling like you are loosing control if you have room to leave it in one place that is.

Hope you RF31owners find this interesting and maybe useful. Happy to answer any questions as well.




Active User
H-M Supporter-Premium Member
Mar 24, 2014
Nice modification! Was just in that situation with my mill, wonder if I can do something similar.

Robert LaLonde

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Former Member
Apr 19, 2014
I just take two handless and leave them off. Drill presses too. Except those with a one piece cast handle.
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