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I'm currently using a shars indexable parting blade that uses gtn2 bits . I'm looking at trying an iscar to see if it'll work with my blade or if I need to get an iscar blade. they use different terms so I wanna make sure I got the right thing. is iscars gfn2 the same as a gtn2 they look right just wanna make sure thanks


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Jun 12, 2014
Yes, they all should be the same. There is a significant difference in the durability and cutting performance between the different brand GTN type inserts. I tried some generic Cobra inserts and they were pretty bad compared to Iscar and Hertel inserts. The GTN-2 blade tends to flex a bit so keep them as short as possible. In mine some inserts did not fully seat in the holder and I needed to file the back of the seat so the insert would lock into the taper. I eventually went to a clamping insert holder for my cutoff blade with much better rigidity and finish.


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Dec 29, 2017
I struggled with GTN 2 cut off insert blades. The GTN 3 seems to work better

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