Just Got A Central Machinery 12x36

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Jan 20, 2016
Yesterday I traded my HF 7x10 (with a 14" bed) and $1,100 for a like new Central Machinery 12x36 gear head gap bed lathe. Real similar to a Grizzly 4002. (I will list a bunch of parts and accessories I have left from the 7X10 later.)

No scratches or wear that I can see. A little bit of surface rust here & there that will clean off easily. The 4 jaw chuck and face plate were still in the original packing - never had the studs installed. The brass in the steady and follower rests do not show any wear (not a scratch) so I doubt they have been used. A lot of extra tooling (braised carbide mostly) and about 1/2 still has the coating over the cutting end. Gearbox oil looks like it just got poured out of the can. The only damage or sign of wear is that the mushroom part of the "reset" button is broken off.

The lathe was given to a welder in lieu of payment by a auto transmission shop that went bankrupt in 2009. Been sitting in the welders garage since then. He's just run into a situation where he needs to face 4 or 5 1.25" dowels a day (never used a lathe before) but does not have room for the 12x36. So we traded and are both happy.

Took several hours with an engine hoist - cherry picker to get it into my shop (shop is inside my fenced back yard with no vehicle gate). Next job is to build a stand. I have all of the material needed, just need to start cutting and welding.

So how did I do? I guess that I might have paid a little too much but all in all it was probably a fair deal?

DSCF0866 for web.JPG

(Sheet metal & end cover removed for transportation)

Bob Korves

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Jul 2, 2014
I think you did just great, if that was a lathe size that you were looking for.


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Jun 14, 2017
Next job is to build a stand. I have all of the material needed, just need to start cutting and welding.
It is for this reason, I have debated on getting into welding.
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