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No problems there it will hit the mid 70°s by 8:00 am.
I'v searched all over the inter web and still can't find a blow up diagram of the injectors. Sure hope it ain't no swiss watch that will shoot parts all over when I go to clean it. I might just take the first one apart in a two gallon plastic bag in case there is any jumpers...LOL..

Now that the right size hose is installed on the whole system I think it will run.Before they had 3/8's and ½" on ¼" hose barbs squeezed down with screw clamps.
40 years of turning wrenches and it never fails to amuse me to see what gets pushed and dragged into the yard for me to fix.


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Jan 22, 2012
My Kabota tractor is a 3 cyl, 24hp version (L245DT). I've had it for 24 yrs so very familiar with starting it in all conditions.

1. glow plugs very important. I run mine for 1 min minimum and longer if cold weather. Mine are old so it typically takes 2 to 4 heat cycles to start unless it's warm out then might start on the first try.
2. compression release helps a lot when cold out. The engine will start better if you get it really spinning before releasing. Mandatory when temps are below 50 deg F.
3. good battery, both to get the glow plugs hot and to spin the motor as fast as possible.
4. white smoke is very common when starting if cold. Mines done it for the 24 yrs I've owned it. I did get it used with 1200 hrs on the clock.
5. I've run mine out of fuel twice. The first time only needed fuel and a quick air bleed (engine not turning over) to get it started. The second time was a bit@h, didn't run right for months but eventually settled down to normal operation.

No electricity needed to keep it running, I ran mine for several years with a dead battery (caused by a bad alternator) by jump starting, but a good battery is VERY important to get it started unless you get a jump start.