Kubota tractor part.

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Sep 23, 2010
A guy brought me this bracket that had an ear broke off and wanted me to make another bracket from 1/2" plate. That was the easy part. As the bolts were metric and had a taper like the old VW wheel studs. So i dreamed up a tapered washer to use between the 7/16" grade 8 bolts i found and made the tapered washers from 3/4" 4140 barstock. Then the braket had tapered seats on the side where the bearing housing sat. So i had to rig up a way to drill the taper using a 4 flute 1 1/16 #3 MT drill bit which doesn't fit my drill press. So i used my lathe spindle to hold the #3 MT drill (and it does fit the SB lathe spindle just fine). And i held the plate to drill with my compound mounted angle plate and some vise grips. Oh i used my 8" 4 jaw chuck to hold the plate to bore the 3" round hole for the bearing housing. Then i had to bandsaw the 2" split in it. Nice hour job on this crummy day outside. My buddy is going to weld it back on the tractor where ever he cut it off of. Enjoy...Bob

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Sep 24, 2010
Good looking part design. Little one offs like that can be a great source of goodwill and a way to naje a little spare change in addition to getting something going again. Definately a winner in my book all the way around.



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Sep 3, 2012
You saying you made that part in one hour? Youre quick.. I'd have done the work with vertical mill, would have chewed up some time setting up the rotary table to do what you did with the 4 jaw chuck.
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