Lathe CNC conversion idea, where to source parts?

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Cadillac STS

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Jul 20, 2012
I have a Wabeco D6000E lathe. It is a precision German made lathe but it lacks ballscrews.

For a CNC conversion I was thinking of getting an X-Y table with ballscrews that could be set in and bolted down near the chuck with the apron rolled all the way back by the tailstock out of the way. It would take the place of the manual parts altogether and need just 4X4 inch travel, maybe 4X6. So be able to bolt down for CNC and remove when manual is needed.

Would need a spindle sensor as well.

It could be 3 inch tall and I would mount an AXA QCTP on top of that.

People do convert this lathe to CNC but it takes some modification and I like to use the manual lathe.

Question: Where would I find the XY table that size with ballscrews and servos mounted (or ready to take them?)
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