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Long Chang LC-30 CNC conversion

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Dec 9, 2016
Well with advice from this forum, I now have x-axis CNC working, Y and Z still to come. It was easier than I expected.

I have not had time to optimize the motor speed yet, however it's quite accurate (< 0.001" on test runs of 6" travel). I'm still using the original ACME screw with a lot of backlash, so when I change direction the errors do accumulate, typically by about 0.001" per change, will need to see if I can tweak it a bit.

I get most of my metal from the scrap metal recycler ($1 per pound) so the 1/2" plate I used for the bracket was a bit rough but does the job.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

BTW Motion Industries provided the belts and gears (two thumbs up), exceptional customer service.


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