Looking for images/info on B.C. Ames chase screwcutting mechanism

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Jan 3, 2012
Hi all,

I recently acquired a chase screwcutting attachment for my 1940s-era B.C. Ames No. 3 lathe. My lathe is slightly more recent than the screwcutting mechanism is, and so I'm going to need to adapt the gear that rides on the spindle to match what I have. The adaptation is pretty straightforward (bore out the gear, cut a keyway, figure out some way of locating along the spindle), but I'd like to keep this as close to historically accurate as possible.

If anyone has one of these screwcutting attachments on their lathes - preferably my generation, but older lathes welcome as well - I'd very much appreciate any photos or other documentation you can share! Thanks very much.
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