Looking for mfg. info on this clock

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Apr 12, 2013
Looking for mfg. info on this grandfather clock

Apparently this was brought over from Scotland shortly after WWII. It is not in great shape but it works and we're fixing to move it to my house. I'd like to find out some history and evaluate it for cleaning up and maybe a restoration. First step: What do I have? It is a full height free standing traditional grandfather clock. The counter weights and pendulum are rough, almost 'as cast' looking, and are hidden behind the cabinet door...no glass, no polished brass workings, etc. I can see it being a lower end unit because of the lack of fancy upgrades like that. It rings well with a simple gong (no fancy chimes) on the hour and half hour.


Right now the main problems are the loose/battered cabinet, bad cables, and well worn wind mechanish that is hard to work without slipping off.

Richard King

Jul 1, 2012
I have a friend who is a "Master Journeyman Clock Maker" and a member of an Association. I would be he can recommend someone who can help you with the clock. ashjewel@cheqnet.net His name is Allan. Tell him I said hello. He is in Ashland, WI. Rich
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