Looking for the correct nomenclature for custom part

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Hi All
I’ve been looking at custom lapel pin sites to make me some guitar headstock logos of my last name. I like the processes on these sites and so I am interested in using them to having my custom guitar pickup covers made. However, the size and unique shape of the covers doesn’t look like they could handle these parts.
What would the nomenclature be for items like the covers? Most of these custom die cast, enamel sites are specifically for pins and badges, and the pins sites takes care of my headstock logo needs.
So what in the manufacturing world would I call my need to search on for the custom covers?


I will later, (at work), and I’m sure they’re super easy on CNC.
However, I’m not 100% on using metal yet. If I do it would have to be a very thin copper. The reason is because metal covers mess with the magnetic field of the pickup. I’m thinking plastic but I would want that nickel plated. A thin copper prototype would be cool though as I could find out if the magnetic field effect would be minimal or not.
Copper has a pretty dramatic effect on moving magnetic fields, makes a great damper. Not sure how a thin copper piece would react.

Not sure how that would affect the pickup, some experimenting might be in order.

Polished stainless steel might be an option.
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