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Machine Shop Liquidation Auction - Stowe VT 03/30/17

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Active Resistor
H-M Supporter-Premium Member
Mar 3, 2013
A 6" vise is overkill for a RF45 style mill. A 4" is more appropiate for that size mill & IMO 5" max. I have a 5" GMT vise on my PM45 & it's slightly too big. Not enough Y axis travel to make use of the 5" full capacity. Better to save your money rather than getting something too big & most importantly the weight. I take my vise of the table quite often, a 6" is still light enough for me to be carried by hand but I'm glad I have a 5". I also have a 4" vise as well. I prefer the 5" though.

But those GMT 6" Premium vises are pretty nice. I'd love to have one but don't need one on my current mill. But if you plan on upgrading to a full size knee mill in the future than the 6" will be perfect.

Here's what the 5" looks like on my mill.

I couldn't even complete this cut without my bellows & DRO scale getting in the way. Not enough Y travel & the 5" vise is not even maxed out.

Here's what a 6" vise looks like on another PM45 (gt40's)
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Ted A
H-M Supporter-Premium Member
Apr 4, 2016
That place has a lot of nice machinery. I get notifications via mail for machine shop liquidations frequently and it makes me sad every time I see another one going belly up.

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