Made my first ball peen hammer


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H-M Supporter Gold Member
May 26, 2018
Beautiful work!
The high quality handle makes a big difference.
The off shore stuff has soft wood with unknown steel. The head is loose after the first blow.
Making your own out of quality materials sets yours aside from most others.
Your finish work is very good.
My sentiments exactly, the head turned out great but, the handle sends it over the top!


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Jan 2, 2014
What prompted me initially to do this is because I gifted my dad a "hammer" for Father's day. I gave him a big bar of steel and wood and told him we're going to machine it together. He's never had a chance to use machining equipment despite having a large interest in it. He's coming over this weekend and we're going to work on it.

So we'll likely make his soon and then we'll see about a big brother. (But I may end up making an even smaller one before that!)

As a father myself I can see very few better gifts.
Have fun, be safe.
He will be so proud!

Good on ya.
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