Material in DFW, Texas

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I will be in the Dallas Fort Worth area next week. Do you know of a place I can buy "drops" of material ?

Aluminum, mild steel, cast-iron, hard plastic and stainless?

Square, round, or flat stock anything that is less than 3 feet long or 4 inches thick would be considered.

I'm trying to build up my stash of raw material but as you know shipping is a deal killer. So since I will be in the big city with time to kill I thought I’d try to load up on material while I’m there


CDC Products on Beltline in Richardson. A veritable treasure trove of ‘stuff’ from misc raw stock to tooling. Closed on Sunday/Monday.

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Ahh yes Metal Supermarkets. I buy from them in emergencies only; pretty high prices.
There’s a small scrapyard in Plano on Avenue K I believe. Not sure what their policy on ‘rummaging’ is though. Several big yards in Dallas, but I’d imagine them less than friendly to dig around in. But may be worth a shot.

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Good find. I haven’t heard of them.
I can look through my shorts barrels Monday and see what I have.

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This is a good thread. I'd like to know if anyone has any leads in Omaha, NE?

This might be a good sticky subject. Would be helpful to many of us I'd think.

Didn't mean to de rail the OP's thread.
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