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Jun 29, 2014
Hello H-M Members,

We are introducing enhancements in the MENTORS & APPRENTICES sub-forum intending to improve participation. We think the proliferation of mentors is an excellent idea but the current sub-forum doesn’t seem to be getting much traction. Essentially, this is a relaunch.

First, we’re renaming the sub-forum to MENTORS & MENTEES. The term “apprentices” connotes a formal training process that is beyond the scope of what H-M intends.

Another enhancement is the addition of a map that will make it much easier for mentors and mentees to find each other. The map will be populated with GeoMarkers indicating the members screen name and geolocation and/or zipcode. There is a map layer for mentors and another layer for mentees.

A link to the map can be found HERE.

If a member wants to volunteer to be a mentor, a GeoMarker (indicating screen name) will be placed on the Mentors map layer. Mentees follow an equivalent process to be added to the Mentees layer.

The intention is to make it quick and easy to get together by looking at a map rather than reading through pages of posts. The map administrator won’t go through the existing posts to populate the map. This is a fresh start and it’s up to the members to follow the instructions below to get themselves onto the map. Whether Mentor or Mentee, reach out and get yourself onto the map if you can help a member or if you could use some help.


If you have questions or want to sign up, please send the following information to vtcnc by way of private message or conversation:

For Mentors:
your username
your location (as close to your shop address as possible please, if you are not willing to share your home address)
equipment you have in your shop,
your experience
your availability and method of preferred contact

For Mentees:
your username
your location (as close to your shop address as possible please, if you are not willing to share your home address)
equipment you have in your shop,
what are you looking to learn,
your availability and method of preferred contact

Here is an example of what a mentee would see if loofing for a mentor in Northwest Vermont:

If you want to see Mentors only, you can toggle the Mentees to off so they are not displayed and vice versa. Once you find a mentor or mentee, you can click on the conversation link like you see on the map and reach out to the member.

Privacy Notice and Terms of Use: the intention here is to connect Hobby Machinist members. This Google map is public and available for those that have been granted access to the link. The sharing permissions on this map are not available or indexed in Googles search index so it is not searchable on the open internet. This is another way of saying that while it is only shared with Hobby Machinist members it should not be considered private. We will not publish mailing or street addresses or contact information on the Google Map. The intention of obtaining your address is to be able to place your GeoMarker as close to your actual location as possible so as to best connect mentors with mentees. This is especially important in urban areas where several members may be co-located in one city for example. In addition, your information voluntarily shared with the admin or staff will remain private and not sold, shared or transferred to anybody beyond the explicit purpose of populating map information.

If you are ready to join, start a conversation with vtcnc including the information required to sign up.

Finally, like all things on our favorite forum, this is a work-in-progress. A very special thanks to @extropic for initiating this relaunch, pushing and pinging me to get this done! It is a great idea and one feature of our site that embodies the spirit of our membership. Please send your suggestions or ideas to extropic, dabbler or vtcnc to make this mentoring experience work for our great community!
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