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  • As some of you know, I have wanted to stop managing H-M for some time. It's a tremendous strain on my personal life. I want to set up my own shop. In September, September 15, to be exact, it will be 8 years that Hobby-Machinist has been in existence.

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Mill vise build

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Dec 3, 2017
So after a couple failed attempts at buying a casting, I came up with a couple slabs of cast iron that seem like a good start. So I’ve got some lines laid out, but I haven’t really committed to anything as of yet.

I thought I’d submit some pictures with the hope that some may point out any glaring issue with the idea. The intent is to end up with a 4-6 inch wide non swiveling milling vise that will open at least 3 inches, but have greater range by moving the jaw inserts, a la every other machine vise of this decade. Does what I have so far look about right? Anything I should be planning for jump out at you? Any ideas you think I should try to incorporate? I want to have this complete by August. Anyhow machining time availability is one three hour block, once a week. So that figures up to be about 60 hours. That seems like plenty of time, even considering my lack of experience and assuming I don’t discover I have to make something to make something to make something to make this. Which almost always happens. Lol


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