Milling, drilling, taping Please.

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Nov 24, 2014
RESOLVED Feb 01. I have accepted a kind offer to "DIY" in a members shop. Thanks for looking.

This is my first time trying this resource so I'm not sure what to expect.

My mill is out of service right now and I need (1ea) three parts made. I'd like these in my hands NLT Feb 15.

The parts are steel (1018 CRS) and I can Priority Mail you the stock, if that will expedite things.

Two of the parts (Adapter) identical except the -1 part has two tapped holes not in the -BSC part.
The third part (Mount) is the -2.

.pdf files are attached. The -BSC, -1 drawing is 11"x17" but should be legible at 8.5"x11". The -2 is 8.5"x11"

I'll be pleased to respond to any questions. Please send your price & delivery by private message.

Thanks for looking.


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