Mission Statement Of The Hobby-machinist, Inc.

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Sep 22, 2010

The Hobby-Machinist, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit educational corporation. It is the mission and purpose of The Hobby-Machinist, Inc. to promote, advance and encourage machining and metalworking as hobbies; to demonstrate to hobby machinists and home shop machinists ways to operate their machines safely and productively; to assist those interested in entering the hobbies to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge of machining and metalworking; to bring machinists and metalworkers of all levels together to assist in the exchange of ideas and provide a fertile learning environment; to provide education and knowledge relating to machining and related metalworking skills. We do this by planning, organizing and hosting an internet forum for the preservation and exchange of information among members of the home shop machinist, home workshop, metalworking, fabrication and professional machinist and metalworking communities, and the general public.

Our web site - www.Hobby-Machinist.com (and www.Hobby-Machinist.org) - enables collaboration and interaction between those seeking to learn these hobbies, and those who have the requisite experience and knowledge to demonstrate the requisite skills and necessary safety concerns to those of different backgrounds and experience levels. It permits us, by photo illustration and streaming video capability, to bring online learning of machining and metalworking techniques into the homes of those who otherwise would not have access to such education. It also enables us to preserve for posterity the knowledge that would otherwise be lost as practitioners of these skills disappear.

Hobby-Machinist.com is a friendly, non-commercial place where machinists of all experience levels, who own all makes and types of machines can come to exchange ideas and help one another without derogatory comments, flaming, personal attacks and elitism. We think people trying to learn don't need to be kicked in the backside. We also think that a hobby is no good as a stress-reliever, when it involves a lot of stress and humiliation in the learning process online.

We do not place any cookies and/or tracking devices or spyware on anyone’s computer to follow their trail over the internet. We do not share user information for any purpose. All materials posted on our site remain the property of the original author subject to a license to us to publish them in their original form. All materials published by The Hobby-Machinist, Inc. will be contributed to the public domain. Our site is entirely educational in nature, subject to “fair use” educational precepts of copyright law.

Existing for-profit sites do not effectively promote and advance these hobbies. The level of discussion is generally advanced. Beginners are subjected to ridicule from “experienced old timers” if they ask questions. These sites do not provide a patient learning environment or encouragement for newcomers to the hobbies. They focus principally upon revenue production through advertising and the sale of magazines and other commercial products. They are littered with banner, popup and interstitial advertising that is distracting to those seeking to learn. There is marked censorship in favor of products marketed by their advertisers. Users are subjected to having cookies and numbers of other internet tracking devices planted on their computers for advertising purposes. User information is shared with third-parties. They claim absolute copyright entitlement to anything posted on their sites, and do not share anything for educational purposes (they refer to sharing of information as “stealing posts”). At least one site restricts participation by owners of “home workshop type equipment.”

Our site is welcoming to all, fostering a patient, informative learning experience.
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