Modding an old Atlas 1060 - Jackshaft & MT2 conversion

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Nov 26, 2017
In the spirit of "run what ya brung", I decided to add a pulley to slow down my old Atlas DP. Also, inspired by a post by Tony Foale over at homadetools.net I was excited by the prospect of swapping chucks between my tailstock and DP.

For the jackshaft, I turned out a piece of Al that just plops down in the post. The pillow block mounts to an eccentric slide to give me some adjustability.
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The old pulley was knackered, and was a nonstandard size, so I turned it down to accept a sleeve and milled out the keyway. Replaced the bearings as well.
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Then I started on the R8 to MT2 adjuster. Found the cheapest one on Amazon and turned it down to accept bearings.
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Then bored the quill to a light press fit
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This is a work in progress post, currently working on the lower bearing cup. slicing off the 2.25" chunk. Should have brought a book.
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Current status:
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This thing has spent it's life in a childrens museum., so anything that can suffer half a century of abuse and still work certainly has a place in my shop! Also, it was cheap.
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