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Monarch 10EE Chuck Key From Scratch

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Ulma Doctor

Infinitely Curious
H-M Supporter-Premium Member
Feb 2, 2013
I was missing a chuck key for my Monarch 10EE,
so i made one from stuff i had laying around. :grin:

i got a 1" diameter piece of colled rolled unknownium that i thought i'd start off with.

i turned a few thousandths off the diameter and faced the end off and parted off a 7" length for the key body


i measured the keyhole in the monarch chuck diagonally.
i got an inscribed circle of .665", so i turned the blank down to .670" on one end.


i set the blank in a square 5C collet block and milled the square drive end to a final measurement of .664"
i turned .040" per side off as a decorative touch, and broke the edges with a worn out 60* carbide threading tool that i reshaped on the tool grinder
i crossdrilled the body reamed to .3745" bore and inserted a frozen .375" rod to the body warmed by a heat gun.
i added some red locktite and got a light press fit.
here is the finished work


i paint (poorly) all my Chuck Keys orange for easy visual identification

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

thanks for reading!
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