Monarch CK 12 power to motor

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New Member
Nov 9, 2012
Was able to assist a friend in "rescuing" 2 monarch ck lathes one is marked 12 and the other 14. Both were destined for the scrap yard and had been disconnected and were sitting in connex trailer.
Neither had power cords and both motors were completly disconnected from switches. Motor leads were hanging out of the lathes.
Im no electrician by any stretch of the imigination, but there does not appear to be any motor starters or start relays just the lathe switches and motors.
The web has a lot of info and pictures but i cant find any info on elecrical arrangement for these early 1940's lathes or pics of motor connections to switches.
Were they supplied with starters like new 3 phase motors, at least the ones im familiar with?
My 1941 Hendey has multiple starters or mechanical relays that control forward and reverse.

Any help on getting them wired would be greatly appreciated.


John York
H-M Supporter - Gold Member ($25)
Jun 7, 2013
The 12" CK that I had was equipped with a line voltage magnetic starter with a built in push button station on the front of the headstock. It was a 1943 machine.
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