Monarch CK value?

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Jim Huel

Mar 1, 2018
I hope it is ok to ask about value, and I understand that can't be answered accurately due to regional differences and no direct examination of the lathe. But I'll ask anyway.

I have no lathe experience but a growing interest. I recently missed out on a 10 inch Sheldon, and that whetted my appetite. Today I bought a CK with little known about the lathe because I think the price was safe.

It is a 1958, 14.5 x 30 inch c-c. PO believes it is 5 hp, 3 phase. Max rpm is 750. I could find no indication of bed wear near HS, either visual or with fingernail or shining flashlight behind a straightedge. There is some rust on the ways near TS where there was no oil. One dial pretty rusty,, don't remember which, and others pretty dirty but not rusty. The rusty one looked chromed, so might have been a cheaper replacement.

Hasn't been run in at least 5 years. Was reported to be from University of Florida and abandoned to go cnc. The 3 jaw chuck is rusty, labeled Cushman, and probably 12 inch diameter. D1-? And a much smaller 4 jaw Chuck. No Chuck keys, no drilling Chuck, no other tooling. If someone wanted to bring an inverter and power up, I'd be game but would want to limit time until lube systems is checked

I'd like to trade down to something like maybe a 10 inch Sheldon in good shape and some cash. Or maybe a beefy tabletop mill. Or some combo of those. But, I'm looking for a conservative price estimate to start from.

Any suggestions or comments?


John York
H-M Supporter - Gold Member ($25)
Jun 7, 2013
Condition, condition, condition ----- that is what matters, I know a dealer would not pay much for a machine that has been weathered, but I'm thing the as is value would be around perhaps $1500.
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