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Mounting flanges for mounting and machining car rims on a lathe.

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Jul 14, 2017
I've been putting off modifying car rims for some time now, mostly because i don't have time to spend to make flange to hold the rims in my lathe chuck, most of the modifications are enlarging the centre hole and machining the lip after welding, at first i was looking for rear axles with different bolt patterns but living in a country with 80% of cars being FWD i ended up with front hubs. The hubs had very short and hollow stem so i turn down and welded round pieces then i chuck it up by the big end centre drill the end and supported the end with a live centre, took couple light cuts to turn down the weld and one deep full cut to make the whole steam flat, then i turned it around and face off the centre lip, this will allow me to come in with a boring bar to enlarge the centre hole and hold it by the tapered bolt holes. For start i'll make two of this type flanges because i have a job waiting, share your experience with turning rims on a lathe, what speeds feeds and cutters work best.
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