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Jul 11, 2014
Seems like I have spent a large percentage of my life moving. When younger and working, after I first married my lovely wife, we moved every six months. I followed the jobs and hauled the wife and kids with me. Patient woman that one. We learned to move efficiently and quickly. We moved until we found the 'Perfect' home, bought that and lived there for 15 years or there abouts. We lost the house during the 'downturn' and had to move where we are now. Been here going on six years. Yesterday, after a long deliberate search, we signed on another house. It will be the third one we've owned (well the bank does) in our life. Kinda old to get into another house payment.

We did this, for the most part, to help one of the kids out. Not that they're dead beats but they had financial issues when younger and are still recovering from those after all these years. Also, it will quiet the turmoil that always arises when we speak to any of the kids (4 in all) about how we are going to care for ourselves and will we be near the often more needed medical care etc. etc. etc. Not that we wanted to live with someone else in a home. Cuts down on the privacy and run around in my underwear moments (you didn't need that visual did you). But it helps them and will help us when we enter our dotage (no, not there yet but am being realistic.). The good thing is the house is big enough to have separation. Two big bedrooms on opposite ends of the house, two rooms that serve as living rooms, large double groj, and only one kitchen to be shared. The wife and I only need about 1,000 sq ft, give or take and this place is more than double that in size. It's in Mount Dora which is a plus 'cuz we always liked the area.

So we will be packing up what we want to keep, giving away and selling what we don't want to move. Have to figure the best way to move the shop equipment and tools. Have to get a new shop building, after I figure out where to place it, prepare some type of foundation, get power to it and then see if there are any community restrictions on outbuildings. Yea, that is the biggest drawback, we'll be in a neighborhood where the houses are closer than I like. The good thing is both the women, wife and daughter, loved the house and thought it was big enough. It's in good shape, in need of a minimal amount of cosmetic work to make them love it. Guess who's the retired guy who will do much of the cosmetic (and not so cosmetic) stuff.

We offered 20,000 less than they wanted and they countered with 10,000 less than their asking price. Based on the average home price in the community we got a good deal, especially considering the condition. When the wife and I pass on it will belong to the kids. Until then it lowers our financial outgo which is our plus from this move.

I figure it'll be several more months (at least) before I'm back in the shop.
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