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Thanks for the great comments guys.
Been using it the last couple of days to haul firewood out of the swamp behind the house. With the controls up front I can walk along with it and back into some incredibly tight spots between the trees. I hauls about a half face cord of wood with no trouble, but need to get some racks built. That wood seat is some cold on the tush though.
In the end it cost close to $1000, buying the engine, tires, wheels, front hubs, Lovejoy couplings, paint etc. Hadn't planed on new tires and wheels but couldn't find used when I needed them. All the steel was used material I had here.
Guess its a success, will get more use in the summer, will be really useful at the sawmill to have the deck to sort and haul lumber as its cut.
Thanks for watching
Have some cabinets to build now (helps fund these projects) then its a firewood processor or a heavy bowl lathe.



Jun 17, 2012
$1000 ain't bad. I know how these things can rack up when you don't have junk piles to pick from. Pretty darn cool, and a one of a kind at that.
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