My 1st attempt at machining and building a steam engine.

Joe P.

Sep 2, 2013
While I was recovering from shoulder surgery earlier this year, I came across Mr. Pete 222 and TinkerJohn on YouTube. I found their videos on building model steam engines very interesting and decided to give it try. I chose the PM Research #3 horizontal engine bronze and iron casting kit. I documented the machining process on video and posted it on YouTube. Most everything involved in the machining I learned from YouTube. I admit I made a few minor mistakes that didn't affect the outcome of the engine, but I learned quite a bit and I am looking forward to building another engine soon. If anyone is interested, the videos can be found here,
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Sep 5, 2013
Hey, nice job Joe! I can't see any of those mistakes you speak of from here, and the thing sure runs nice too. I like those little engines -- have yet to build one myself but maybe someday.

Once again, well done and I look forward to seeing your next effort.



Oct 24, 2016
Nice running Engine Joe.
Like you I've watched MR Petes videos too. I've built a couple of his engines along with a PM Research #2. I'm in the process of finishing my 1st IC engine.
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