My DIY Plasma CNC Table


Dec 16, 2012
Here are some pictures and videos of my second Plasma CNC table. Shown with it is the controller box which has all of the electronics (computer, power supplies and drivers) on top are the keyboard and mouse. A usb hub is used to import G-code files or up-grades. The table is setup so I can put a 4’ X 4’ sheet with room for parking the moving parts out of the way so I can load material clearly. The water table is barrowed from my other table so I could make test cuts. One video shows testing operation of the floating head torch holder for automatic cutting position setup. I am setting up a plans package PM if interested.
You Tube

Have fun

finished table.JPG finished table (2).JPG finished table (4).JPG finished table (6).JPG electronis box (4).JPG
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