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H-M Supporter - Commercial Member
H-M Supporter - Commercial Member
Feb 7, 2019
Re: Me and My Shoptask Patriot - Was: New Forum for 3 in 1 machines

Hi everyone! I have been posting on this forum for a few months. Looks like I missed this one being announced! Nice surprise.... I have the ShopMaster Patriot 2010 model. It's a hobby machine and I've become fully enamored with it! It's beefy(ish) and weighs 1260 LBs. That's just the 3:1 itself. I have Mach3 and CNC w/ DRO installed. Came w/ some extra's (they were in 2010) 4th axix, DRO, ball screws (nook std. accuracy) which are about OK for a mill like this.

Anyone w/ Q's please feel free to ask away. Anyone have some Pics? Here is mine.
View attachment 79887

View attachment 79887
Shoptask ( now Shopmaster) was the originator of the 3 in1 concept and all those others are derivatives of the original design. Shopmaster has continued to evolve the concept and now offer the Mill Turn machine.


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May 7, 2014
I wish I had kept mine quite often. I loved just whipping out small parts and do-dad's when needed. I still scan eBay for used... someday I'll get one again. with a Haas VF/4 and a Supermax YMC, .. funny how you always remember your first. ;-) Say Hi to JT for me. Jeff from MI.
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