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New plinking gun

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Registered Member
Mar 31, 2012

I live about 15 or so miles from you, also in Citrus County. Over by the Withlacoochee River. Been into air guns all my life. Have a shop with a lathe and mill plus anything else that I need to repair, rebuild and customize an air gun.

Hope to see some of yours anyone else's handy work on air guns.


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H-M Supporter - Sustaining Member
Nov 8, 2012
Wow. Didn't expect to stir so much up by posting about a new plinker. :)
Can the Armada kill a feral hog? Dunno, but I'd like to try. A deer? Dunno, but I'll pass on that.
I have a brother-in-law who live in the Green Cove Springs area. From what he tells me of Florida deer, they're about the size of a dog. Sounds like your air rifle would be plenty adequate for them.
The Whitetails here in Illinois are a bit bigger easily running up to 250 lbs or more. Years ago while I was working at a local meat locker, I had a deer/car collision. I field dressed the doe and took her to work to process the meat. She weighed in at 150 lbs dressed.
Turkey ??? possible with a good head shot. I know someone who hit a turkey square in the breast with a .22 LR. The bullet couldn't penetrate the feathers and it just took off.
So unless one had the unfortunate problem of hitting the wing disabling the bird, I think an air rifle would either kill it or do nothing beyond a bruise.
I've even heard of close range 12 gauge loads not able to penetrate the feathers.

Hogs are a whole new ballgame. Wounds that would cause any other animal to bleed out do not affect hogs in the same way, something to do with the type of fat they have. It tends to seal off wound channels after penetration stopping any bleeding. I've seen feral hogs dropped dead with a well place .22 shot and, as stated, know of one of my neighbors who shot one 3 times with a .30-06 that kept running after picking itself up after each shot. It did die after running off a couple hundred yards.

Bob La Londe

Active Member
Active Member
Apr 19, 2014
Do you think the Armadas get a different barrel than the undressed Marauders in .22 or do you think Crosman has finally fixed their issue with inconsistent barrels in .22 caliber? I know a lot of guys have complained about .22 barrels from Crosman in the past. Its one of the main reasons I went with the .25 Marauder instead of the .22.

FYI: I also have a .177 Maurader regulated, 2 .22 B-50s, the newish .177 PCP from Xisico, and just sold a regulated .25 Cricket. One of my B-50s will be getting a Huma regulator when I have time to tear it down again.


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Jan 21, 2013


Just a random sample. Air guns ain't what they used to be.
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