Oddball Clausing 8512 Machine

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Aug 9, 2017
About a week ago, I happened to be in the right place at the right time and I came across 2 of these 8512 machines. The price was right so I bought them. They came from a now defunct optical glass manufacturer. There is really not a lot of info out there about the Clausing 8512 machines. from what I gather, some were built by Clausing and sold with Bridgeport M heads on them. Others were sold without any head on them at all. Some of them came with a single handwheel on one side of the table only instead of one on each end.

These machines look to have some type of water driven heads on them. The covers are Raytheon badged. They also come with the water supply pumps that plug into the power strips on the sides of the column, using a proprietary electrical plug. I have no idea exactly what the heads are. I'm assuming some type of water jet used in the glass cutting/polishing process. Other than the weird heads and the single handwheel, they are exactly like the 8520's. The tables and ways on these machines are pristine since there has never been any metal machining done on or around them. Below are some pictures of these things. I'm curious to know if anyone has ever seen one of these. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them yet. I was thinking about mounting a BP M head on one for myself. But I already have an 8520 and don't really need one other than it would be cool to have one. I may end up just parting them out and make a killer profit on them. I just don't see the demand for trying to sell them intact, as they are. 100_4876 (2).JPG 100_4867 (2).JPG 100_4868 (2).JPG 100_4869 (2).JPG 100_4870 (2).JPG 100_4871 (2).JPG 100_4873.JPG 100_4875 (2).JPG 100_4877.JPG 100_4878.JPG 100_4879.JPG


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Jan 2, 2016
Intriguing, will be looking forward to see what they are made for, and how they work. I assume you have used some bandwidth, putting Google to work. I tried a few searches, and came up with nothing.
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