On-Line Auctions, Purchase to Packaging to Shipping with Confidence?

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Jeff Anderson
H-M Platinum Supporter ($50)
Mar 26, 2018
I saw a post this morning or yesterday about , "Machine Shop Tools & Equipment-10 East St., Littlestown , PA."
A machine shop going out of business/retiring.
I went on line to check it out. Wow, I registered and made some bids. The quality equipment and pricing was unheard of in my experience. On the West Coast, the Hardinge Lathes they had would bring between $4,000 to $7,000 here.
They sold for less than $2,000.
Now, I know they have to be crated and shipped if you can't pick them up and that costs money.
That shop had some incredible equipment for some very good prices IMHO.
I actually bid up to $1,000 on a lathe to be outbid in the last 5 minutes by $50. I was actually relieved at the time and now I keep thinking maybe I should have purchased.
It got me thinking, if I can buy some good, rare to me, with confidence I may just get serious about it.
They had at least 6 quality surface grinders, 6-9 lathes, industrial sheet metal breaks, presses, etc.
Have any of you purchased big heavy equipment on-line through this auction house?
How was the experience?
I did buy 2 items, a Anton, magnetic V-block set with Super Wee block and a DoAll Gage block set for a very fair price.
I will use, Craters & Freighters in Central PA, to pick up, pack and ship.
You guys and gals in the manufacturing States just don't know how fortunate you are. You have choices when looking to purchase used machines.15360-0-small.jpg15360-2.jpg16260-0-small.jpg

Bob Korves

H-M Supporter - Sustaining Member
H-M Platinum Supporter ($50)
Jul 2, 2014
This may not be the consensus answer, Jeff, but I would never buy any machine other than in person. It is impossible to evaluate the condition of a machine from crummy photos, and that could lead to severe buyer remorse. I want to play with the knobs, shake stuff for looseness, put the motor and gear train through its paces, and get a good close look at how it has been treated over time. Also, asking about the condition of a lathe from auction personnel is pretty worthless even if you think you can believe and trust them, which I do not. Same goes for tooling. YMMV.
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