PHR-803T 405nm Ultra Violet Laser


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Nov 27, 2012
Copy of a post from another forum, 5/2010

Not a flashlight but it is a homemade & my first time making a body for a laser rather than using a flashlight for a host. Not as "bright" as a green one but since it outputs UV it's pretty cool making things glow. Haven't played with it much yet but if focused tight up close it will burn through paper & light a match. Hope the owner enjoys.

-XBOX HD PHR-803T 405nm Diode
-Stock Aixiz Module
-Dr Lava Micro FlexDrive @ 110ma (I'm guessing around 90mw output?)
-Runs on 2.5-6V
-SureFire E-series compatible

The XBOX HD Sled