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Plastic Gibs on 12" Atlas or Craftsman Commercial Lathes

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Dec 25, 2011
As most of you know, at some point fairly late in the life of the 12" Commercal production, Clausing changed the material (originally 1018 or thereabouts steel) that the cross slide and compound slide gibs were made of to plastic. Current best guess is that this happened around 1974/75. This was during the production life of the final version of the 12: and probably around the time that the Atlas 3950 Mk2 6" was replaced by the 10100, and Sears quit selling the 101.21200 (their version of the 3950). I have listed below for both Atlas and Craftsman the highest reported serial numbers that still had steel gibs and the lowest serial numbers reported as originally having plastic. If anyone has either an Atlas or a Craftsman 12" with serial number falling between either of those pairs listed, please report at least model number and serial number as well as whether the two gibs are steel or plastic.

Atlas highest steel 100274
Atlas lowest plastic 104418

Craftsman highest steel 105302
Craftsman lowest plastic 109008

A rough guess is that Sears sold about 11,000 of the final version 12" while Atlas sold around 7,000. So I'll add the highest known serial numbers of the two model groups.

Atlas 106781 (my 3996)
Craftsman 109258

If anyone has a higher number in either group, please report that, too.
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