PM-1440GS Saddle Lock

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Sep 13, 2014
I received my PM-1440 GS a couple months ago and have been fixing some of the items that I'm not happy with. For a Chinese lathe I am ok with what I received and it cuts nicely. I have sent Matt an email about this, but thought I would reach out for help here as well.

The saddle lock does not do anything when the bolt is tightened so I finally got around to removing the DRO scale and completely removing the bolt. The parts diagram for this lathe does not show any type of clamp under this bolt. The manual for the PM-1340GT does show a clamp.

I'm assuming there should be some type of clamp plate that this bolt goes into. I'm hoping someone with this same lathe and can confirm that there should be a clamp and possibly get me a picture of it. I'm in the shop this weekend and could make one if I have somewhere to start. Thanks for the help.
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