Poor Man's tool and cutter grinder upfit

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Mar 29, 2017
So- you may have run across my post about learning some fun stuff. https://www.hobby-machinist.com/threads/parting-with-little-sorrow.71128/. That little nugget of my education was just part of the big job- Finding, or building, a grinder worthy of sharpening HSS to complement my poor 'ol wore out Atlas/Craftsman lathe. I have managed to get some tools sharp enough, but looked for a better, easier way. Mikey and others have helped me tremendously, with their advice on this subject. Their influence shows up here in just a minute.:grin: I have kicked around the "belt sander" option, and will no doubt get there one day. In the meantime, I sought to enhance the 1988 Taiwanese 1/2 horse bench grinder I have been using since new.
Grinder shaft diameter- .500. Step in shaft to stop and square the wheel retaining washer- .583. Not a lot of meat to get that done. Washer bores were rounded and too big on ID. I could not get a wheel to run even remotely true axially. I cut, drilled, bored and parted20180706_100649.jpg a sleeve @ .750 OD to go over the shaft. I bored it to .579, heated it and slid it on. Next time, I would bore it to .581 or 2. Had to get it red, cooled so quick I did not get it all the way on the shaft before it shrunk and stuck. Good thing I made it too long to begin with .Wheel retaining washer was put on the mill table, cup side down. Clamped carefully, and cut down to get a good, sharp edge at the bore of the washer.
Now for the fun part- If this is gonna be better than what I started with, all this stuff has gotta be square to the grinder shaft, right? I rigged the grinder to the lathe bed, got pretty fussy (for a redneck) with squaring, setting tools on height, and centering, and used the grinder motor to power the shaft, sleeve and washer I cut with the lathe.
As the pics will show, I had some ridiculous overhang on tooling. I took ALOT of time, and ALOT of passes, to cut the sleeve to square, 1 or 2 thou per pass. My hand sharpened HSS was shaving it off just fine. Then I mounted the retaining washer, and squared up the face that meets the stone. REALLY careful there.
Bought a new Norton stone, mounted 'er up, and enjoyed! It is smoother and quieter than I can ever recall. Of course, my hearing and recollection may have changed since '88, but I doubt it:cautious:20180706_100509.jpg20180706_100604.jpg
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