POTD- PROJECT OF THE DAY: What Did You Make In Your Shop Today?


R'lyeh Engineering Works
H-M Supporter Gold Member
Mar 20, 2014
Griptru chuck disassembled, cleaned & ready to go back together. A job for tomorrow, as is making the backplate as the cast iron I ordered for it has turned up.

The adjusting ‘micro-screws’ as PB calls them look ok, but one of them has a slightly worn Allen head. They’re supposed to be 3/16“ drive, and two are and the key fits well - but I guess someone in the past reefed on the third and has slightly munged the hex. The 3/16 key still fits, but it’s a loose fit - I removed it from the chuck with a 4.5mm metric as that fits exactly.


H-M Supporter - Gold Member
H-M Supporter Gold Member
Jan 15, 2016
I set them both up on the mill and used the dividing head just to smoothly rotate a bar while I fed a ball end mill into it, made two spools and parted them on the lathe, drilling a 3/8” hole in each.

I had a similar method in mind for a tube straightener apparatus where multiple identical groove wheels are required. There a bunch of variations of this theme but they generically look like this, lots of examples on Youtube. There are commercial versions too, but where's the fun in that LOL.

BTW a source of aluminum tube that lends itself to bending is called Versatube. Could be other trade names but its 3003 alloy available at aircraft supply places like link. But it comes shipped coiled in a pizza box. I straightened mine by hand because the cutoff lengths were relatively short, but the aforementioned roller jig would come in handy.


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