Precision Matthews High Precision Milling Vise

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Jan 20, 2016
I searched everywhere for this, but did not see any mention so am trying to post here.

I have a 70's MSC 8x32 knee mill for which I have a Kurt 6" knockoff vise, a 5" 3-way swivel vise, and a Japanese 4" vise. The 6" is too big, the 4" only opens 2.5" and can't swap the jaws like a Kurt, and the 3-way is for tilting work only. Have been wanting a better 4-5" Kurt style vise, and am leaning towards the 5". Have seen LOTS of vise questions here about recommendations, but no mention of the Precision Matthews version in those discussions. I assume that means they are either junk or very new. Can be seen here:


Called them and sounds like a decent tool. US hardware, swiveling graduations every 1°, etc. Not much more than the very cheap vises, but still way less than Glacern.

My question is has anyone actually bought / used one of the Precision Matthews versions and their experiences with it?

Mitch Alsup

Active Member
Nov 17, 2017
I have the Grizzly equivalent 4" vise on my G0730 8*30 mill.
In my opinion; it's a bit on the small side for my sized mill, although I have not needed anything bigger so far. (knock on wood)

Mine needed a through cleaning (including taking the vise jaws off) to get it (jaws) completely square to the table.

The swivel base was fairly useless*, and became totally useless when I mounted the Vise on my 10" rotary table. {I should have though about that earlier.}

(*) you don't actually read the indications on the rotary base, you stick a triangle in the jaws and indicate on the triangle (if you want any hint of precision).
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