Printing Concrete Houses

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Feb 27, 2012

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Feb 14, 2016
Yah that's cool . But can they print the knights of the round table to go with it ?

Round in circles

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Jul 9, 2014
Thanks Nels, I clicked your link entered the land of , " Fantasy As Reality ." ( FAR ).

I could spend hours & hours exploring 3D printing , though I don't think my brain , memory or my bank balance would allow me to get a decent one at present .

There is a heck of a lot to relearn & learn from scratch if I ever seriously win the UK's big National Lottery .

Back in 1985 I was doing my City & Guilds in industrial electronics .... A year long course of study that meant you could do the theory & the actual work needed in all manner of current electronics .

We had a single arm robot running on a program called TINA , our class managed to get it set up so it would eject thick glue to a set grid pattern . We discussed the idea of adhesive glued block work for 24 /7 construction if several Tina's were used & we could get the materials in an exact place for the robots to pick them up .

John Wilson ( dec'd 1996) our instructor ( He used to be the senior electrical officer on a Nuke sub ) & his daughter were trying to convert Tina programming into the new system called Microsoft from their workbench at their home . Has anybody heard of this Microsoft upstart ?

John was confident that by 2020 we would be seeing major high speed block built constructions done by multiple vehicle based robots , the supply of materials would be by JUSTIN principles delivered by self propelled robot trucks to precision set take off points .

Some of his other far reaching thoughts were that when it took place the actual physical numbers of workers would be down to the dozens on a large hospital site rather than thousands of workers like now .
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Tony Wells

Jan 22, 2011
I wondered when someone would get that to work. That was one of the first things I thought of when I saw 3d printing.


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Oct 21, 2017
What makes it stronger than cast concrete with no rebar and how much use is that?


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Dec 3, 2013
It's cool but as a builder I don't get too excited about this kind of thing. Makes for nice yard art. Buildings are more than just walls. I remember all the crazy ideas for machines to set CMU block walls. Construction methods seem to change at a generational rate. Some new technologies are accepted and others fade away. Many times it takes 10 - 20 years to prove if a new method or technology is successful.
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