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May 20, 2013
I have a need to cut out a couple of dozen "L" shaped pieces out of 1/2" aluminum plate. My horizontal saw isn't big enough and a hacksaw was not in the cards. After some thought I decided to see what I could do with my horizontal Port-a-Band saw to make it into a vertical saw. Here's a few pictures of my conversion.

I made a simple frame from rectangular and square tubing to mount the saw bracket.

To attach the bracket I made a couple of aluminum V-blocks to clamp the bracket cross shaft to the tubing frame.

I didn't have enough square tubing on hand to make the frame higher so I clamped it to my work bench. I have a 15" tall HF mechanics stool that makes it very comfortable when using the saw.

I wired in a toggle switch. Makes it a lot easier to turn the saw on and off.

This is a view of the turnbuckle arrangement to level the table and get the blade vertical. As you can see the setup is temporary. Now that I have tested it out I plan on making a stand to get the table height so I can stand up when cutting.

This worked out great. I cut out four of the "L" shaped pieces in a matter of a few minutes.

Thanks for looking.



Jun 15, 2018
Hacksaw not in the cards .... LOL :)
Hacksawing aluminum is nasty business. First You have the aluminum dust everywhere and then You start to sweat ....
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