Re-grinding only one V-way of a lathe bed

Kevin T

Nov 17, 2021
Don't fret the wear you can't detect in your work is my motto. I am afraid to check the wear in my machine like the guy did on the video above. I make parts, I take measurements along the way, I get good results.

I was really impressed that there is a way to rebuild the saddle and build up the material on the wear surfaces. I had no idea that was possible!


H-M Supporter - Gold Member
H-M Supporter Gold Member
Nov 14, 2020
Years ago when I was a kid...maybe 60 years ago my Dad bought a lathe for our work shop in the garage at the cabin. The V was was terrible. He rigged up the compound on the bottom slide of the tail-stock and he had me pushing the sled up and down the TS ways that weren't worn to bad and with a tool holder and bit, I planned it. Them after it was close he had me file it, then we hand scraped it . It worked and I remember it was a pain and dirty as heck with that cast iron dust. It worked. I have scraped one side that was scored on grinders when we had an emergency repair. It worked, so it is possible. Would I do it on a rebuild with time, no. But if your short of time and $ go for it. I dis some math..8 mm is .350 inches. You must mean something else. what is it in inches? Bedtime for me......
I so love the idea of using the tailstock as a sled to cut the other surfaces. Damn Mr King,
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